It’s a Fact.. or is it?

It’s a fact! We seem to argue a lot these days over the facts. What’s a fact? Whose facts are the real facts? Are you getting the facts from the news? Are your friends giving you the facts? Do you believe the facts when you hear them? What causes us to believe or not believe…… Continue reading It’s a Fact.. or is it?

New Year Positivity Now

As this New Year gets rolling, few of us are up for yet another year of more of the same. What we want is hope for a better year ahead. We want to put all the nonsense behind us. And we want to reconnect, rebuild, and even relax! But are there signs of hope? Is…… Continue reading New Year Positivity Now

Thrive in 2022!

In this very special edition of Coach’s Corner! It’s also the last episode of 2021 and my guest and co-host, Mitch Axelrod and I take a look back at the past 2 years and share our thoughts for making the most of the year ahead. It’s not been easy to build your business, and there…… Continue reading Thrive in 2022!