You Have More Power

How powerful are we, as a group? If you stop to think about it, we still hold all the power. We can effect great change and we can stop the craziness that has taken over our society. But that’s not what they want you to think. You see, they want you to believe that we… Continue reading You Have More Power

It’s time to celebrate

Yes, things are not perfect and may never again be perfect, but it’s time to celebrate! To celebrate all that we have accomplished as a nation. While we cannot predict the future, we have to realize that our battles are not being fought in the dark of night. They are everyday battles that we are… Continue reading It’s time to celebrate

It May Be Amazing Soon

There is a powerful law of attraction lesson that is really worth remembering right now as we move through difficult times. I had been thinking about this a lot over the past few days and wanted to get on camera to remind you of what it possible and how we can get there from where… Continue reading It May Be Amazing Soon

Are you ready now?

It seems every day I have to check in to see if I feel ready for what is surely coming next. While it’s not easy to stay “on” each and every day, we are not living in calm and easy times. So we have to keep our heads up, and our eyes open because things… Continue reading Are you ready now?

Does this scare you?

We live in amazing times.. but people are scared, very scared.. And they have good reason to be. With so many things popping in every direction right now, it’s unsettling for many of us since we’ve never seen anything even close to this at any time in the history of our country. So how can… Continue reading Does this scare you?