Does This Make Sense to You?

Right now, things are a little crazy in our society. Well, that may be an understatement! So how do you make sense of it all?

How do you navigate it all? How do you know what to believe, or who’s telling the truth? 

It’s in these uncertain times that you need something to help you find your truth. In this episode, I give you my strategy for navigating the madness with a simple, yet very powerful way to make sense of it all. 

In the end, I believe we will be just fine… it’s just going to be a little rocky getting there.

Podcasting: Should You Be Hosting or Guesting?

You may have been thinking about starting your own podcast. Why not, it seems everybody and their brother these days has their own podcast, but is it right for YOU?

What about being a guest on existing podcasts? Does that make sense? 

There are benefits to both sides of this and to help unravel it all, I have a very special guest for you today. 

Nicole Holland shares some deep insights into the world of podcasting and the reasons why it makes sense to get involved now. 

More About Our Guest

Nicole Holland is a highly sought after Marketing Strategist & Consultant who specializes in helping businesses and brands strategically leverage podcasts to scale.

Focused on lead generation and conversion, Nicole helps her clients deliver Interviews That Convert™ as the featured expert on other people’s podcasts, and create Podcasting Goldmines™ of their own designed to attract, nurture, and convert cold traffic into hot leads for the business.

Coaching Clients on Demand with Russ Ruffino

How to get clients on demand

So often I meet coaches who are absolutely brilliant at what they do. They are well trained. They hear what’s not being said. They help their clients solve life-long issues in minutes… and yet, with all of this, they struggle to bring in enough clients to turn their skills into a full-time occupation.

What it if didn’t have to be that way?

What if there were a way to attract new clients on demand so that your passion for coaching could also give you the lifestyle you really want?

In this episode, I speak with Russ Ruffino, a man who has made it his career to help coaches get clients on demand.

In this insightful interview,  Russ shares his process for finding and enrolling new coaching clients. 

To find out more about Russ, visit his web site:

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No Funnels Needed to Get Coaching Clients

What if finding new coaching clients didn’t require complex things like funnels, paid ads, fancy web sites, and of course the high cost of building and maintaining these things?

My special guest, Marc Mawhinney is a coach who teaches coaches how to build their coaching businesses. He is a life-long entrepreneur with many years experience working in the coaching industry. He is also the founder of The Coaching Jungle group on Facebook.

In this episode, Marc and I discuss many  ways to get yourself in front of your ideal coaching clients so that you’re never chasing new business but new business comes knocking on your door instead.

Learn more about Marc at

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Unconventional Success with Diane Forster

Most of what we have been taught about success over the course of our lives has been wrong. How do I know?

Do you know people who have worked really hard all their lives yet have little to show for it? Do you also know people who don’t seem to work very hard, have little education, and yet seem to have life role out before them like a red carpet?

What’s the difference? Why do some people seem to hit home runs all day long while others seem to continue to struggle?

There is an answer to this! And it’s NOT what you might think!

On this episode, I have a very special in-studio guest with me, Diane Forster, who shares her strategies for attracting more success with less struggle.

Diane has been helping her clients lead better lives for years and she has a gift for you at

Watch this episode and learn some unconventional ways to become more successful now!

eCoach 77: How to Attract and Date an Amazing Woman

Dating. A lot has changed and if you’re a man who’s been out of the dating world for any length of time, what you’re going to face may literally scare you!

From new technologies to a whole new language.  Try getting your message across in 100 characters or less! Dating today isn’t what it once was and if you’re not prepared…

Oh what do you write? What photos do you use? What should you do BEFORE you get back into the dating game?

If you’ve been asking these questions, my guest today is going to share the answers to these questions and many more too!

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eCoach 76: Do You See What They See?

Mistakes coaches make

As a coach, there is something that you must be aware of in order to attract and continue to attract new clients. Yet, many coaches simply have no idea that this is important and often ignore it at their own peril.

I’d like to help you correct this mistake, because the odds are you’re making it too!

So what is this blooper? Why does it make such a difference? And how can you avoid it so that it does not adversely affect your business?

That is the topic of this episode of Coach’s Corner!

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eCoach 75: How to Get Coaching Clients Fast

The question is how do you get coaching clients fast?

How to do build your coaching business without having to wait years to find enough clients?

How do you fill your coaching programs with ease?

Maybe the better question is how do you attract coaching clients to you instead of chasing after them?

I began my coaching career in 1995, and what I quickly learned was that getting new clients really wasn’t that hard. In fact, I learned how to grow my coaching business quickly! Many of the things I learned early on, I still use to this day!

If you would like to speak with me about building your coaching business, using the same strategies I teach my coaches, I invite you to book a quick call with me here:

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eCoach 74: It’s Never Been Easier to Build Your Coaching Business

With all the tools we have at our fingertips today, it’s never been easier to build a coaching business – but that doesn’t mean that some coaches still struggle to build their coaching businesses!

When I began coaching back in 1995, e-mail was hardly used, web sites were the domain of the few, and social media consisted of chat rooms on America Online!

To get clients, you either had to show up and speak in person, use direct mail, or wait patiently for referrals!

Today, we have 24/7 access to social media and the ability to easily reach out to the kinds of people we most want to work with – often without having to spend a dime to do it!

The landscape has changed and I believe that it’s easier today to build your coaching business than at any time in the history of coaching!

In this episode of Coach’s Corner, I share some of my ideas on this and how to get going on building your coaching business!

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eCoach 73: How to Become a Better Coach

This may be a little bit of a rant, but I think it’s important to share it with you!

There are many people today who are coaches and many more who want to become coaches. But, not all coaches are created equally. Some have little to no formal training, while others have years of training and have coached thousands of people.

In this business, you want to be the best coach you can be. You want to keep improving your skills and you want to be living what you preach so that your life becomes a living example of what’s possible.

And, to be honest, the world needs more skilled coaches more now than ever! Depression is at an all-time high, driven by a combination of social media and news media.

As coaches, it’s our work to help reverse this trend and get our clients back on track. In this episode of Coach’s Corner, it’s a topic I share my thoughts on and much more too!

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