Check Your Feeds!

How do you start your day? Has your routine changed much in the past year, or even just the last 30 days? I know that my routine has changed and as much as I didn’t want to change my morning routine, the times we are living in now have forced me to make certain changes.… Continue reading Check Your Feeds!

It’s NOT all Bad News…

While things appear to be hopeless, and you may be feeling helpless, frustrated, and maybe even angry, there are bits of good news if you take the time to look for it. In life we will go through difficult times. It’s never a straight live up or down. And right now, we’re going through a… Continue reading It’s NOT all Bad News…

Finding Nuggets of Hope

What are nuggets of hope and why do they matter, especially now when so much of our world seems to be mired in chaos? Over the past few weeks, I’ve been speaking with many friends, clients, and family members about how they are feeling. It should come as no surprise that most are feeling lost,… Continue reading Finding Nuggets of Hope

Now What Do We Do?

Here we are with a new President. Some people aren’t too happy about it. Others are celebrating. Still others are angry, frustrated, and still others are feeling completely helpless. As an entrepreneur, one gift that we have is the ability to find the silver lining when all the world seems to be crashing down all… Continue reading Now What Do We Do?

Go Ahead and Talk About it!

Some days, there are just no words to express what we’re now seeing in our world. It’s shocking. It’s scary. And it’s happening. And it’s causing far too many of us to stay quiet when in fact we should be speaking, sharing, discussing, and connecting as we are meant to! Look we’ve been kept away… Continue reading Go Ahead and Talk About it!

The Tipping Point Ahead

Are we about to come up to the tipping point? Sometimes I think I’d love to go back in time to January of 2020… because it was much easier then as compared to what we’re living through now. Yes, I know that would put us right back at the very start of all the madness.… Continue reading The Tipping Point Ahead