eCoach 55: It’s Never Been Easier to Make Money Online!

I know, I’m an old-timer now. My first experience “online” was in 1984 using a Commodore64 computer and 300 baud modem. BUT that experience opened my eyes to a whole new world that somehow I knew would be life-changing!

My very first sale came 5 years later in 1989, when I sold a market research report for $1,100.00! That really got my attention!

Since that time, I’ve lived on the cutting edge of Internet marketing and have pretty much seen and done it all when it comes to selling online.

What’s interesting is that it has never been EASIER to make money online! The tools are easier to use. They are faster to set up. And even if you hate marketing and selling, you can still make money online very easily!

What stops most people? That is the million-dollar question and it’s answered in this episode of Coach’s Corner!

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eCoach 54: What’s a Lead Magnet Anyway?

The other day, I posted a question on Facebook: “What’s a ‘Lead Magnet’ and I was amused at some of the responses I go to that question! A few folks knew what I was asking, but others seems completely at a loss to understand the question.

OK, so no big deal because this is common term used between marketing types but outside of that community, it’s just not a common term!

So what is it? Is it important? Do you already have one? Should you be concerned?

Lots of questions and I’ve answered them all in this episode of Coach’s Corner! Plus, I give you a number of strategies and insider tricks for both creating and optimizing your lead magnets. Oh, and I’ll show you one of my lead magnets too.. but you have to watch until the end to see it! Enjoy!

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eCoach 53: It’s Time to Build Your Next Marketing Campaign

Do you attend seminars on a regular basis? I do. Always have. There is a good reason for that and today I want to share with you some of the insights I gained from a seminar I just attended.

The event was called “Outrageous Campaigns Live” and was hosted by Bill Glazer (The “G” in GKIC!) In 2 short days, we heard from 49 marketers and business owners and how they structured their winning campaigns.

Bill’s book, will be available soon, and it’s worth getting since it’s filled edge to edge with the campaigns these 49 entrepreneurs are using to grow their businesses. While you could model most any one of them, and you should, there were a few insights I picked up that I wanted to share with you today.

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eCoach 51: How to Get Your Content Seen, Liked, and Shared

How do I do it? How do I get my content in front of people?

This is an important question and one you should be asking yourself again and again because the answers do change! While a great start is creating new content, that content won’t help anybody if it remains hidden away on your local computer or on a social media account nobody follows.

It may not be complicated to get more people to see what you’re creating, it does take some time and effort to make it happen. When it comes to Coach’s Corner, I have at least 12 ways that I go about getting each episode out into the world.

In this episode, I’m going to show you what I do with every single episode that allows me to continue to grow my audience with every single episode. It’s not hard, it’s not costly, but it is very effective! Oh, and I’m always looking for more ways to reach more people each week because social media changes frequently and more services come along that are always worth exploring.

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The Best Place to Invest Your Time and Effort to Market Your Business

Video? Social Media? Direct Mail? Google Ads? Newspaper? Live Events?

These days it can get very confusing fast when you think about what to do to promote and market your business. It seems every other day we’re hearing about the latest and greatest strategy that “nobody else is talking about” but yet they always seem to fall far short of their promises.

So what do you do? Where do you start?

It’s one of the most common questions I get as a coach from my business owner clients, and the answer is the topic of this episode of Coach’s Corner!

As always, if you have questions, please reach out to me via e-mail at or find me on your favorite social media platform.

Enjoy the podcast and be sure you subscribe (free) so you never miss an episode!

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eCoach 49: It Ain’t Over Until it is!

When is it time to throw in the towel, pack it up, and go home? How much more effort do you put in? How much more money do you invest? How many more years of your life do you put in?

You may be surprised to know that most people have no idea when that time is and instead tend to close up shop far too early – missing out on the great things that they could be experiencing.

Let’s talk about it on this edition of Coach’s Corner.

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Feeling Stuck? This is How to Get Back on Track Fast!

Sometimes, as business owners, we can get stuck. Some people will use this as their reason to throw in the towel, take their toys and go home. Others will stay stuck for far too long and in the process they will miss many opportunities.

Then there are those who see being stuck as a true benefit and something that’s actually important to creating a successful business. These are the leaders, the people who create great success and they are the ones the rest of us look up to.

Could you become one of those people? I believe you can, with one caveat. You have to start seeing being stuck in a different light. It’s normal, we all experience it, and the better you get at getting unstuck, the more success you’ll achieve in all areas of your life.

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eCoach 47: Answered! The Gear You Need to Create Brilliant Live Video

Today, answers to the very often asked question about what gear do you need to get started with live video. The key to making video work is that you want your gear to work for you, not the other way around.

So what’s the trick to making it all work and making you and sound great? Watch this episode of Coach’s Corner!

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Creating Lasting Relationships with Special Guest Felicia Slattery

What I’m going to share with you here is a secret of sorts. It’s something that almost nobody talks about when they talk about building a successful business, yet it’s at the core of ANY business that achieves any level of lasting success.

It’s a word that may scare you, but it’s truly not all that scary. It’s the dreaded “R-word” RELATIONSHIPS!

Without exception, whenever I’ve met with business leaders, the number on thing they all have in common is that they have the ability to create lasting relationships with the people around them.

From the janitor to the banker, being a person who can connect, really connect, will help you make more progress than any other tool, any app, or any newfangled strategy ever could!

In fact, at one point in my career, I had very few quality relationships and I knew that was hurting my success. Once I realized this fact, I began working to build better relationships with not just my clients, but my suppliers, friends, and began making new connections an active part of every day. It didn’t take long for me to see the results and this became the most important thing on my list from that point forward.

In this episode of Coach’s Corner, I had the pleasure of speaking with a passionate leader who knows a LOT about building relationships. My guest, Felicia Slattery, has a TON of insights to share with you about relationships and why they matter.

Plus, you’ll hear some great strategies for networking and building your network fast.

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eCoach 45: This is the Time to Write Your Book with Guest Tara Alemany

Have you been thinking about writing a book?

Or have you started but that was years ago?

Today, we’ve got a special guest who is here to talk about what it takes to get your book from an idea bouncing around in your head to an actual book you can hold in your hands! Join me and my guest, Tara Alemany, a multiple award-winning author, speaker, consultant, and publisher on today’s Coach’s Corner!

To learn more about Tara Alemany, visit her at

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